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Small Home Office Desk: Ideas, Colors, Accessories


As a freelancer, setting up a small home office desk is essential. From the multitude of ideas, you can find you need to choose the ones that work for you. Deciding on the ideal colors and accessories, you can make your home office one, which makes it a joy to work at home and additionally put you into a mindset to be productive.

So how do you create a small home office desk, complete with using the right ideas, colors, and accessories that will enable you to process your freelance work? Do this by one, having a solid idea of how you want your desk to look and function, and where it is situated in your house or apartment. Secondly, know the basics of colors for not only the walls and surroundings but the types of wood colors for your desk. Third, know the accessories for your desk and computer equipment that you will need so that you can evaluate space availability.

Knowing the options that you have when setting up a small home office desk will enable you to make the right purchases. More importantly, create a home office set up that makes working on your freelance projects, something that gives you energy and motivation. Let’s jump into it.

Creating a Small Home Office Desk – Some Ideas For a Cool Desk Setup

When you have determined that you actually need a small home office desk, some immediate questions will emerge. What kind of desk, how small or large, and should there be site tables or cabinets? Creating a small home office is not easy especially if your home or apartment is small, but here are some ideas that may help you.

Desk Ideas For Small Spaces

The amount of people who work from home is increasing – it’s estimated that in the U.S., 52% are working remotely at least one day per week! Go Remotely has even more statistics on this increasing trend. For small spaces, and depending on your circumstances and where you are planning to put your small home office, the desk will most likely be your most significant piece of furniture. There are several options for the type of desk you can have to fit in small spaces.

There are many different shapes of home office desks that can enhance your small home office setup – FreelancingBoss

Small Office Decor Ideas – For Your Desk and Surroundings

The small office decor is something that is often overlooked, especially in small areas. However, setting up a simple decor can change the look and also the mood that you have when you start doing your work. With just a few simple additions or changes to your small office decor, you can make a big impact.

The table below gives some ideas of desk types (shapes, materials it is made of) and a short description. I indicate whether the table enhances productivity, what the space requirements are on a scale of 1-5 and the general cost level of the desks.

Table 1 - Types of Desks and Materials

Type of Desk or Desk MaterialDescriptionEnhances ProductivitySpace Requirements
General Cost Level
Corner DeskDesigned to fit in a corner and can come with shelvesYes3Low-Med
L-Shaped DeskL-shaped to give extra desktop areaYes4Med
U-Shaped DeskU-shaped to provide extra desktop area on both sidesYes4Med-High
Simple Desk Simple desktop and simple frameYes1Low
Desk with DrawersDesk with drawers on bottom left or rightNo2Low-Med
Computer DeskDesigned to incorporate computer equipmentYes3Med-High
Wood DeskDesktop and frame made of woodNo2Med-High
Metal DeskDesktop and frame made of metalNo2Low
Marble Top DeskDesktop and frame made of stone marbleNo2High
Glass Top DeskDesktop made of glass
Type of Desk or Desk MaterialDescriptionEnhances ProductivitySpace Requirements
General Cost Level

Although not always considered decor, you may want to think about additional furniture that you will need for your small home office desk. Furniture items like cabinets, side tables, chairs, bookcases, drawers are furniture to be considered depending on your space restrictions and your organization’s needs.

In the big picture, these additional furniture items may affect the decor items that you choose. Be sure to incorporate this into your thinking when choosing decor.

How Do I Make a Small Office Look Bigger?

Having a small home office, which is restricted in size, does it need to be perceived as tiny. There are ways to make that small home office space appear larger and, at the same time, more comfortable. Although the physical limitations will always be there, there are some ways to improve it.

Here are some ideas:

● Clear any Clutter on or around your desk – put away books, papers, miscellaneous items so that your desk has more working space.

● Simplify your desk setup – a minimalist setup can be useful. Try having just a monitor and keyboard.

Position your desk to a corner – there are corner desks that can be positioned very nicely into a corner. It will allow more space in a room or designated area for your home office.

Include mirrors – a well-positioned mirror or two can give the impression of a much larger room with minimal effort.

Choose a desk and furniture that are modular – or have built-in additions that can be hidden.

Choose a see-through glass desk – in this way, your desk and office area look larger.

Use a striped rug – by using a striped rug, it gives the appearance that the room continues on and on.

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What Is a Good Color to Paint a Small Office?

A small home office is not always considered to be a prime target to change the color of the office and paint it, however, there are some benefits if you choose to do so. What is a good color to paint a small office? Let’s take a look at some color ideas that you might be able to use and which will help your mood and outlook.

Office Color Psychology

There is a lot of material about the psychology of colors as well as office color psychology. My aim in this section is to outline a few good choices that you can use to not only help with your productivity in your small home office but also to enhance the way it looks in your overall setup.

Choosing the right color can be challenging but there are some guidelines that you can use to make your small home office look larger – FreelancingBoss

Some of the targets that I have for home office color are that it should put me in an energetic and productive mood, yet at the same time not make me nervous or impatient.

In the following table, I cover some of the psychological effects of colors and the moods they project. I also indicate if the color is a good color for a home office, whether the color can impact productivity and finally, what colors it can be combined with.

Table 2 - Color Psychology

Office Color (Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Furniture)Effect of Color on Mood or AtmosphereGood Color for Home Office? (1-10)Is the Color Good for Productivity?Color That It Can Be Combined With
White and off-whiteGives impression of clean, off-white gives warmer moodYesYesBlue, Yellow, Red, Orange
BlueTones of blue can enhance productivityYesNoWhite, Yellow, Orange, Red
GrayShades of gray are known to give balanced feelingNoYesBlue, Yellow, Red
GreenCreates a peaceful moodNoYesWhite, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange
YellowYellow projects positivity and optimismYesNoWhite, Blue, Green, Gray, Red
RedEnergy color, tend to create mood of excitementYesYesWhite, Blue, Gray, Yellow
OrangeEnergy color like red, gives a calmer excitementYesYesWhite, Blue, Gray, Yellow
Office Color (Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Furniture)Effect of Color on Mood or AtmosphereGood Color for Home Office? (1-10)Is the Color Good for Productivity?Color That It Can Be Combined With

The most popular wall colors are shades of white (bright white, off-white, antique white) and blue or gray. As described previously, it has a lot to do with psychology. It’s also the idea that some of these colors will go with any type of office furniture.

In terms of making a small home office productive, shades of blue and gray are considered to be the most used home office colors.

Combining colors of the walls, floors, and furniture can make an impact on how your home office desk is perceived – FreelancingBoss

One consideration that you might want to use is to combine two colors. For instance, use blue to create a productive atmosphere and, at the same time, use yellow or orange to bring out a more energetic mood.

What Color Makes The Room Look Bigger?

The color that makes the room look bigger is white and shades of white. Combined with office furniture that also projects for making a room look bigger, it can do wonders for your home office desk set up.

YouTube Video – Colour Schemes: How to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger by the Home Channel

YouTube Video on Colour Schemes: How to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger by the Home Channel – FreelancingBoss

There are countless accessories for the home office desk, especially when considering the type of freelancer and freelancing work that you need to do. But let’s focus now on modern desk accessories to give you some options to consider.

Modern Desk Accessories for the Small Home Office Desk

There are countless accessories for the home office desk, especially when considering the type of freelancer and freelancing work that you need to do. But let’s focus now on modern desk accessories to give you some options to consider.

Home Office Supplies List For The Desk

Choose the right home office supplies for your small home office desk – FreelancingBoss

Choosing home office supplies usually is a matter of necessity. Get the supplies that you need to make your home office desk functional.

Some of the things that you will need, in the big picture, that is general for almost everyone are keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, stapler, paper clips or larger clips, and desk lighting.

Stylish Desk Accessories

To make this a bit further now and try and put some style into the accessories that you can choose from, here’s a short list:

Desk pads – weekly or monthly. Desk pads are nice because often, you need to write something down quickly on a specific day or time and may not have time to open your computer or phone calendar. These come in very handy.

Planner – a notebook or calendar. A physical planner that you can write into is sometimes preferred by people instead of using software applications. It can also add style to your office with the choice of covering.

Wooden accessories and organizers – wooden accessories and a set give a modern and stylish look to your office desk.

A color-matched accessory kit – accessory kits often have color-matched paperclips and stapler and other items. Color matching sets it apart.

Choosing the right accessories for your small home office desk setup is a combination of functionality and design – FreelancingBoss

Desk lamp – a stylish desk lamp can make your home office desk look contemporary and modern.

Keyboard, mousepads – there are many different types of keyboards and mouse pads that can be matched to your home office desk.

Dual or triple monitors – depending on the type of freelance work you do, you can choose to have multiple monitors. It may be necessary for freelancers like video editors or accountants.

Plants – having green plants or even flowers around your desk can enhance your productivity and mood. It’s also a great way to project a modern contemporary home office.

Corkboard or whiteboard for the wall – wall accessories such as a corkboard or whiteboard make a modern office more functional.

Sticky Notes – although it can lead to clutter, sticky notes are sometimes invaluable in being able to jot down a quick note or to create a reminder for yourself.

Paper and supplies organizer – organizers come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and if you find one that suits your needs, it can significantly reduce the clutter on your desk.

Minimalist Desk Accessories

When it comes to minimalist desk accessories, basically less is more. Some minimalists prefer to have just a desk, a chair, and a laptop. However, any of the home office accessories in the previous section can be added to a minimalist desk set up if there is a need for it.

You might also be able to find simplified versions of the accessories and organizers also.

In general, a minimalist desk set up with accessories will continue to look streamlined yet functional. If you would like to read more about a minimalist home office, I wrote an article – How to Have a Minimalist Home Office Desk Setup (Workspace, Computer, Decor), which will give you some solid insight and options.


Your home office desk is the place where most of your work as a freelancer will be processed. It’s to your benefit to make that desk as reliable, comfortable, and useful as possible. Creating a small home office desk with the right colors and accessories is often not a priority, but with the right ideas, you can make it. Good luck.