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How Can You Create the Perfect Freelancer Workspace at Home?

Simple Tips For Making Your Home Office Better

Key Takeaways

  • Internet advancements enable major tech and service companies to support work-from-home structures.
  • Designing an efficient home office layout, choosing appropriate furniture and accessories, is crucial for success.
  • Implementing a decluttering filing system and minimizing workspace distractions enhances productivity.
  • For freelancer’s needs, various home spaces can be utilized, emphasizing organization and appropriate furniture.
  • Incorporating Feng Shui designs and lighting enhancements like LED bulbs can create an energized workspace.
  • Reliable internet connectivity, data backup systems, and a quiet, personalized workspace influence work quality.

The internet has opened up the possibility of working from home for many major tech and service companies. But for that, creating an ideal home office layout is a key to success. This leaves me wondering, what are some top tips for creating a perfect freelancer workspace at home?

How Can You Create the Perfect Freelancer Workspace at Home?

How Can You Create the Perfect Freelancer Workspace at Home? 

The tips for creating a perfect freelancer workspace at home? They are: Organizing your workspace, choosing an ideal space with comfortable furniture and accessories, establishing a decluttering filing system, and controlling lighting for eye health.

The global trend of working from home is going to evolve, but it will not disappear. Check out these statistics and facts:

  • According to a report by Buffer, 98% of remote workers agreed that they want to continue working remotely for at least some of the time for the rest of their careers. (Source)‍
  • Zippia found that remote jobs now make up 15% of work opportunities in the US, and there are expected to be 36.2 million American employees working remotely by 2025. (Source)‍
  • A survey by Pew Research Center estimates that about 14% of employed adults in the United States, or roughly 22 million people, are working from home all the time. (Source)‍

I’ll explore what makes these tips essential for a productive home workspace. I’ll share more about how these elements contribute to your productivity and energy, from the benefits of a well-lit workspace to the importance of peace and tranquility for your work quality. So, if you’re looking for guidance on creating the perfect freelancer workspace at home, keep reading! I guarantee it won’t disappoint.

Get the Physical Things in Place for Your Home Office Workspace

Do you know what: your home provides an excellent working area for your freelancing career! Yep, you don’t need those costly and time-wasting commutes to the regular 9-5 o’clock jobs. You need to figure out the best space within your home to complete your projects.

Are you a freelance photographer; how about converting one of your closets into a dark room. Are you a freelance writer; did you know your kitchen counter could be an ideal flat surface where you can be writing phenomenal eBooks and blogs?

Creating Your Ideal Writing Space

It’s important to think about your home’s size, the available space, and the furniture and accessories you’ll need to create the perfect writing environment. Here’s a simple breakdown table to guide you:

WorkspaceAmple, peaceful, and minimalist space where you can access a flat and optimally raised surface for writing and research.Office table, smaller desk, multi-purpose sofa with a flat surface extension. Portable desks can also be moved to different locations as per preference.
Storage SpaceNeeded for writing essentials.Bookshelf or a filing cabinet for organizing research materials, notepads, pens, and other resources.
LightingCrucial for maintaining focus and productivity.Ensure enough natural light during the day, and add a desk lamp for the evenings.
Table 1. Creating your ideal writing space

Creating a comfortable, functional, and personalized area will not only make your writing tasks more pleasant but also enhance your productivity.

Your modern home office workspace needs to be organized – Freelancing Boss

Getting the physical things right typically means figuring out the amount of space you need, getting appropriate furniture, and setting up a minimalist workspace. Obviously, a graphic designer may need more space to set up a printing station compared to a programmer who’ll need extra organization for bulky cabling of internet devices.

Also, your home workspace should be enhanced for visitors and guests if you plan on hosting any. Furthermore, a freelancer with an extra guest room or study will have more space to work out a more detailed and accessorized home workspace.

Make Your Perfect Freelancer Workspace Look and Feel “Energized and Productive” 

We’ve agreed that you shouldn’t just claim a corner in your home and make it your workplace. You need to figure out a space that will blend in well with your interior décor and personality. Typically, I’d recommend Feng Shui designs. They are focused on creating spatial arrangements that foster energy balance in minimalism.

It would help if you created a workplace that shuts off the rest of the world when working since a freelancing career is entirely dependent on your discipline, motivation, energy, and productivity. One of the surest ways to do is making sure that your home workspace is well lighted.

Lighting and organization has a big impact on your freelancing productivity – Freelancing Boss

Bad lighting can drastically impact your productivity for the worst. You definitely shouldn’t be straining your eyes when trying to complete your assignments and projects. You also do not want to rely on powerful lumps and bulbs on a 24hr basis all year long. Instead, you should set it up where you can access ample natural light during the day.

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If you are going to save time and gas money by avoiding daily and tiring commutes, well, don’t spoil it by accruing hefty electric and optician bills. Consider installing a solar system if you see the benefits. The reduction in cost can be impactful. According to Flexjobs (see article here), not only is working at home increasing, it is environmentally friendly and 41% of global businesses surveyed say they offer some degree of remote working.

One of the best ways to improve the lighting and productivity of your home workspace is by investing in wall-mount boards, and energy-saving LED bulbs. Well-lit and magnetic wall-mounted boards create an energetic and productive vibe for your workspace. You can erect and remove daily notes with detailed to-do lists that keep you organized, productive, and motivated.

YouTube Video – 5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Distractions While Working From Home

YouTube Video by “REtipster” on eliminating distractions while working at home. A short video that has some solid tips – Freelancing Boss

Keep the Noise and Distractions Out: Soliloquy and Splendor

Well, this may be the easiest or the hardest tip to implement on creating the perfect freelancer workspace at home. The soundest advice that I could give is that you be very deliberate and long-term about your freelancing career. Are you doing it temporarily because you are out of a job?

You probably won’t pick the best and most suitable real estate residence for your freelancing endeavors. However, you need to appreciate that freelancing will always rake in extra cash even if you are employed. Therefore, invest in keeping the noise and distractions out of your home workspace no matter where you live.

You will probably need to set up your home office in a room with a shutting door if you have numerous kids who run riots at home. You may need an extra office room, but you can always set up the workspace in your quiet bedroom or guest bedroom. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, it may not matter if you got an extra room or not. In such cases, you should find a way to pad your workspace room and insulate it from permeating noise.

Keeping the noise out will keep you focused – Freelancing Boss

You could also introduce rules within your living premises. Assume that you are living with a roommate. It wouldn’t be feasible to work during nights when the roommate is having a blast with friends. You’d have to make rules against house parties anytime when you are working on projects.

If your roommates can’t cope with such a rule, then they are, definitely, the wrong people with whom to share accommodation. Kick them out or move to a more ideal, perhaps smaller, apartment.

When you secure a quiet workplace, you can focus on reading, writing, and producing quality services for your clientele. For video and audio producers, you can produce clean products that are impressive. You can engage in soliloquy when trying to figure out challenging concepts or ideating phenomenal creative works.

It would help if you never compromised on peace and tranquility when you are trying to create a productive, functional, and inspiring workspace you’re your freelancing efforts.

Enhancements and Tweaks for Your Perfect Freelancer Workspace

How can you make sure that your home-workspace suits your freelancing needs? Well, make sure that you have exceptional internet connectivity. Install your Wi-Fi, and avoid relying on publicly available internet connections. You are producing services that are sensitive, confidential, and perhaps, applicable to Intellectual Property protocols. Therefore, apart from making sure that your internet connectivity is fast and reliable, also make sure that it is secure. 

Wireless internet is especially more suitable because we recommend the use of laptops as compared to desktop computers. You need to be flexible and mobile within your house in case you need to work at the rooftop, balcony, or bedroom when breaking monotonous routines.

You also need to enhance your workspace with trays, baskets, and filing systems that declutter your working space. Somehow, we generate lots of clutter in the form of waste paper, pencil chippings, rubber bands, waste paper clips, and office stationery that is badly placed. If you aren’t careful, your work items could be mixed up with personal items. That wastes your time when you are looking for items that are misplaced.

Keep your workspace decluttered – Freelancing Boss

Speaking of missing work information, did you know that all freelancers need an extra backup for their data? Whenever you are trying to set up a home workspace, always remember to invest in high-capacity hard drives. It would be unfortunate to be a video editor who loses nearly-complete projects because of computer loss or damage. 

Even web developers need to keep libraries of previously written codes for script functionalities. Make sure that you got ample and offline backup drives for your work in this era when data is an actual currency; you can enhance your furniture, so that is converts to sitting and standing positions. 

As a freelancer, you shouldn’t be sitting on your desk the whole day for a year straight. What about your back, health, and fitness? You need to spend some time of your busy day standing. Standing helps your mind to stay sharp and focused, and your body sufficiently exercised.

Another critical tweak to your home workspace should be an efficient air conditioning system. Always open your windows in the morning for sufficient air circulation because you spend over 70 percent of your time at home.

It won’t hurt to put up that inspiring framed painting or photo, wallpaper, or sculpture right next to your workstation. Find a way of incorporating the green color in the space; green is rejuvenating, calming, and creativity-provoking.


The environment in which you work is essential for producing quality work at home. If the workspace is not quiet, organized, or has the right equipment, work will be much more difficult. That is why you must seek the physical, aesthetic, and sound renovations that are perfect for your style and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is essential to include in my freelancer workspace at home?

A comfortable chair, a proper desk, good lighting, and your necessary work equipment like a laptop, desktop, or tablet are essential. Depending on your work, you might also need specific tools like drawing tablets, specialized software, etc. Personalize the space with items that inspire you or help you concentrate.

How can I reduce distractions in my home workspace?

To minimize distractions, set up your workspace in a quiet part of your home where there is less foot traffic and noise. You could also consider using noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, establish boundaries with your family or housemates so they understand your work hours and can respect your space.

What should be the ideal light setup for a home workspace?

Natural light is ideal for reducing eye strain and improving mood. If possible, place your desk near a window. For darker spaces, use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to ensure your workspace is well-lit without causing glare on your screen.

How can I make my freelancer workspace ergonomic?

An ergonomic workspace reduces the risk of discomfort and injury. Your chair and desk should be at a height where your feet can comfortably rest flat on the floor, and your arms can rest on the desk while typing. The top of your computer screen should be at or slightly below eye level. Consider a standing desk or an adjustable chair to better accommodate these guidelines.

How can I stay organized in my home workspace?

Use shelves, drawers, or desk organizers to store your work materials. Regularly clean your workspace to maintain organization. Digital organization is also crucial, so keep your computer files and emails sorted into appropriate folders, and regularly back up important files to avoid loss.