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About Michael

I had a robotics start-up business during one period in my career. Here I’m pictured in Paris, France with a Nao Robot at a robotics software training course – FreelancingBoss

Hi! I’m Michael Haralson, an experienced businessman who has traveled extensively around the world (over 50 countries) and have lived in multiple countries as well. Originally from California, I moved to Finland in my mid-20s and have also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Beijing, China. I’m currently location independent, residing in Kirkkonummi Finland, and working on my websites and freelance projects (sales and business development). As for hobbies, I enjoy photography, robotics, and foil fencing which I have trained and competed internationally.

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Why Make a Website About Freelancing?

I decided to make a website about freelancing because I’ve noticed that people have talents that they want to use and, at the same time, have the freedom to work where they want and when they want. 

There are multiple freelancing platforms on the Internet, and it isn’t easy to understand how to use them to get jobs. I also noticed that in the big picture that what people needed to do is to approach this as a small start-up business. In this way, they can reach their dreams more quickly and have a chance to sustain their business.

Why Take a Boss Approach?

I’ve worked for large corporations (Nokia Mobile Phones) as well as small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. I noticed that leadership, and how you manage yourself, was always an indicator of how successful you will be. And it matters whether it’s in a project, building a start-up business, or working within a larger company. That’s where the idea of taking a Boss Approach comes from.

A boss approach – taking charge of leading yourself in the projects that you have – can make a huge difference. I believe that everyone can learn these skills and further that applying them to freelancing business is something that will help you succeed.

What I Hope Visitors to This Website Will Find Useful

The focus areas of Freelancingboss.com are:

Freelancing – everything about freelancing including specific work disciplines (like a video editor or a graphic artist, etc.)

Home Office Set up – you can work anywhere you like, but many people prefer a home base set up, and I’ll cover how to do this well so you can rely on your home office to do your work.

Business and Entrepreneur Skills and Approaches – if you are freelancing, you can take advantage of proven business and entrepreneur skills as well is approaches to how you can scale your business and even hire people.

Managing Yourself As the Boss of Your Business – this area is so essential in building a freelance business, and I’ll take the best wisdom and condense it for freelancers so that you can be proud of the boss you are becoming.

Other Key Topics That Are Relevant to Freelancing and Business Ownership – I’m already getting some feedback from people on the public, so they would like to cover. I’ll do my best to capture those ideas and write about them here.

I hope that Freelancingboss.com is helpful for beginners as well as experienced freelancers, and most of all, that it is inspiring. If I can help you win one more project or help you scale your business so that you can employ others or give you the self-confidence to drive your projects forward, then this website will have achieved its purpose.

More About Michael

What do I like best about freelancing? – That it gives you options and freedom to do your best work

The most challenging thing about freelancing – Competing for projects

What area of business do you think people should learn that is often overlooked – Learn strategy and how to gain trust with customers

My favorite business leaders/thinkers – Jack Welch, Peter Drucker, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell

My favorite empowering boss quotations –

“The 3Ss of Winning in business are speed, simplicity, and self-confidence.” 

― Jack Welch

“You should focus relentlessly on something you’re good at doing, but before that, you must think hard about whether it will be valuable in the future.”

― Peter Thiel

“Expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you are doing.”

― Steve Jobs

Next Steps For This Website in 2024

I’ll be adding important articles to this website based on the topic themes of freelancing, remote work and building up ideas to expand on the path from freelancer to entrepreneur.

Contact Me

You can contact me at:
Michael Haralson
MHaralson Enterprises
Phone: +358405327577
Email: [email protected]

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